Packing Without the Hassle - And the Wrinkles


It’s no secret that I love to travel. After years of being on the go, I’ve compiled my favorite tips for packing effectively and with as much ease as possible. 

  1. Make a few lists.

I always have a running list of essentials to pack so I don’t forget them. About a week or two ahead of time, I write out what I need to remember to pick up and pack before I leave. Depending on where I’m going, my list looks something like this: 

  • Phone charger

  • Garmin watch charger

  • Kindle charger

  • Extended battery for my phone

  • Passport

  • Snacks

  • Hat(s)

  • Scarves

  • Travel pillow

  • Cross body bag

  • Umbrella 

  • Wide lens

I also keep a checklist of to-do items at home so that I don’t have to worry once I’m gone. These items can be things like clean out the fridge, turn down the temperature in my home, take out the trash, water the plants, etc. 

From here, I make a list of what clothes I want to take or outfits that make sense for where I’m going. I keep these lists and separate them for different destinations. For example, a trip to Europe is going to call for different clothes than a trip to Cabo. Having these on hand is super helpful to prepare for where you’re going and get you excited for your trip! 

2. Pick out what you think you need and cut it in half. 

How many times have you gotten home from a trip and put back half of the clean clothes you had in your suitcase? It happens to all of us. Next time you pack, practice this rule of thumb. Pull out what you think you want to bring and just pack half of it. Then, you’ll have what you need and enough space to bring back anything you buy on your trip. Think of the shopping trip, ladies! 

3. Layers are your new best friend.

I always try to plan out how I can repurpose a pair of pants or top or jacket at least twice on a trip. It’s way more space-effective to bring pieces you know you love that you can switch around to make a new outfit each time. Also, it takes the hassle out of packing knowing that you have exactly what you need for whatever occasion. 

4. Keep essentials in your carry-on.

Make up bag, toiletries and a change of clothes should all be in your carry on. I keep mine in my backpack that I have with me on the flight. I always carry my jewelry, supplements, handbags and workstuff with me on the plane as well. That way, I have everything I need in case my luggage gets lost. It’s also comforting to know that I have what I need to freshen up when I get off the plane. 

5. Roll your clothes and look for travel-friendly fabrics.

There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and having wrinkled clothes. When you roll them, it saves space in your suitcase and prevents wrinkles from forming when you travel. Also, we all know that silk might not be the best option to shove into a suitcase. Try to pack items that easily fold without wrinkles. Always have a wrinkle release spray on hand. Check out these travel size bottles that will save you all the headaches!

6. Use a packing system.

I use Eagle Creek cubes, bags and garment folders for my suitcase. I pack my workout gear, underwear, socks and bras in this one and I use this garment folder for the rest of my clothes. I pack my getting-ready items in this bag as well. Not only do these bags make packing easier, they save you space and minimize wrinkles by keeping your clothes from moving around while you travel. They come with folding instructions and are all different sizes so I know what items are in each pack. Also, they fit super easily into hotel room drawers so I don’t have to completely unpack my clothes! This packing system is a godsend for saving space, time and hassle. 

Also, I wrap all my shoes in dusters or plastic bags. Imagine everything you walk on and all the gross stuff your shoes touch being up close and personal with your clothes. EWWWW. I do not want that touching my clothes or items I put on my skin. 

7. Pack the heavy stuff first.

A lot of people think that dense items like shoes and hair straighteners should go in last. In reality, putting these at the bottom saves you so much space and also helps keep the weight of your luggage evenly distributed. It also helps prevent crushing other more delicate items you have in your suitcase. Trust me on this one, put the heavy stuff in your bag first!

Packing doesn’t have to be stressful, just create the routine that works best for you and follow what you feel comfortable with. Try out these tips before your next vacation and spend more time enjoying your trip!


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