Welcome to fASHionably fit


Hey! I’m Ashley. You can call me Ash. I’m a certified personal trainer, functional strength coach, nutrition specialist, world traveler, model and entrepreneur. Raised in Texas, I moved to Milwaukee in 2008 for the love of my life, Andrew. I absolutely love my city and the people; I can’t imagine being anywhere else! After owning a boutique fitness studio in Milwaukee, I realized I wanted to help people beyond their time in the gym. My commitment to empowering others, sharing ideas and helping them be their best selves inspired me to bring more people along for the journey and create a community in doing so. With this idea, fASHionably Fit was born.

In college at the University of Oklahoma, I fell in love with fitness and feeling strong in my body. As a journalism and mass communications major, I also loved speaking and planned my career in television. Eventually, I started working for Toyota, traveling and speaking to people all over the globe. Connecting with people through entertainment and lifestyle has been a part of my life for decades.

I always seemed like I had everything put together with a smile on my face. But, I’ve seen my share of dark days. My affinity for fitness turned into body dysmorphia and the constant pressure I applied to myself throughout my life began to manifest physically. I developed alopecia and a stomach ulcer while battling depression along with an eating disorder. On my lowest day, I didn’t want to be alive anymore.

With the help (support) of my husband, I got help from a therapist and took a step back from everything I was putting my energy towards. Coming from my lowest point, I realized that I had one life and I could either continue living this way or do what I love to do: connect with people and help them find joy.

This is the driving force behind everything I do and everything fASHionably Fit stands for.

Created as a go-to resource for all things lifestyle, fASHionably Fit offers practical advice for living a happy, fulfilled life. Whether it be in the gym, at home or on an airplane, I want more people to find levity on their path, balancing work and play with ease. With tried and true tips for all areas of life, fASHionably Fit’s mission is to empower every single individual on the journey while enjoying the ride.

When I’m not working on fASHionably Fit, you can find me working out, coaching others during their workouts, shopping, grabbing a coffee or a cocktail, playing with my dogs or traveling the globe! Stay awhile and check out my workouts and styling tips on the blog or sign up for a trial on my app.

Reach out and say hello or connect with me on the fASHionably Fit app. You can connect with me on Instagram and Facebook as well. Can’t wait to hear from you!