How to Get Back on Track When Your Motivation Dwindles


How many people say they want to achieve certain things in their life but lack motivation? All of us have been there: something we want seems so unattainable that we don’t even try.

Once we notice our resistance to something we want deeply, we can move through it. Rather than having it stop us in our tracks, we can use this resistance to direct us through the blocks in our lives. Think of it this way: everything we want is on the other side of resistance. This resistance is trying to keep us safe and comfortable. Thank your mind for the concern, but remind yourself that you’ve got this and that you can stick to exactly what you say.

You are so much more powerful than you think you are. Here are a few ways to keep you on the path towards your goals and dreams.

1.    Get clear on your “why”.

Before starting anything, we need to know why it’s important to us. When our commitment waivers, we can instantly come back to why we’re doing something in the first place. For instance, you choose to try the Whole30 and on day 10 your motivation dwindles. Remembering that you are changing your life to help your body reset and improve your health long-term will help keep you on the path. When committing to a routine or new schedule, spend time thinking about why you care enough to do it and write it down. I promise it will make all the difference when you meet resistance.

2.    Prepare, prepare, prepare.

There’s a reason people meal prep. On Sunday, you have time to cook and prepare for the week, enjoying the day. Whereas, without preparation, Tuesday night rolls around and throwing a pizza in the oven is the only thing you have the energy for.

This is the same for any commitment. When we have moments that we waiver, we can fall back on our preparation to get us through. Put your gym clothes out the night before your morning workout or plan your lunches ahead of time. It’s so much easier to keep moving when you’re already halfway there and spent the time preparing.

3.    Visualize.

The power of visualization changes people’s lives every day. When you feel your motivation waning, spend a few minutes in silence. Close your eyes and see yourself in the future as your best self with your goal in mind. What are you doing? Did you reach your goal? How do you feel?

Getting into the energy of transformation helps it materialize faster. Once you see yourself as victorious and smashing your goals, I guarantee you’ll feel a reignited fire.


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