The Lowdown on Almond Milk

Almond milk is one of those things that everyone hears about, but not all have discovered their love for it…YET! Not only is it delicious, but it has great benefits too.Almond milk is a great source of Vitamin E, the primary vitamin for healthy skin. It provides you with a regular intake of adequate phosphorous minerals, regulated kidney and organ function delivered by potassium....AKA essentials for strong bones. Almond milk also carries a large component of Zinc, you can bet it’s adding to healthy growth and cell division, reproductive functions, immune system performance, and visual acuity.Unsweetened almond milk has typically half the calories found in cow’s milk, and even the sweetened varieties seem to be lower in calorie count. In terms of fats, with the exception of skim milk, cow’s milk contains animal fats…which tend to be saturated (not heart-healthy.) This may make all the difference to someone on a quest to lose weight. If you need a Calcium substitute for cow’s milk, go for almond!5 ways to implement almond milk into your dietSmoothies – Almond Milk is the perfect ingredient to add to a smoothie. It contains less sugar than most yogurt, and provides a smooth, more thick consistency than just using water. Add 8 oz to your smoothie mix if replacing water. For a lower caloric intake, use 4 oz almond milk and 4 oz water.Baking – In most of the sweet stuff, milk is added with eggs and sugar as main ingredients for baking. Simply switching the dairy milk to almond milk can help you add the benefits of almond milk into what you are baking, while lowering the caloric intake. Check out these banana chocolate chip muffins!Coffee Topper – The simplest way to utilize almond milk is to substitute it for the dairy milk and heavy creams in your coffee. If you’re a latte lover, switch them out! The creamy almond hint adds a special richness to your coffee.Oatmeal – Oatmeal is just one of those things, that has and always will be, at its best when milk is added. Here’s a simple way to get your healthy grains in the morning, with hints of almond milk for a creamier oatmeal breakfast.Desserts – During the holidays especially, we all like to try the desserts. After all it is a special time of year! This year, create something just as delicious for your family, but substitute the dairy milk for almond milk. Great examples include chocolate peanut butter balls and pudding recipes.

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