Don't Forget Your Greens During The Holidays!

Around the holidays, we are surrounded by desserts, soups, snacks, drinks, and so on. After all, it is the holidays! But what about when we are not at the parties? Shouldn't that be the perfect time to eat exactly what makes us feel good and is nourishing to our bodies? I think YES. Throughout all of the tempting indulgences this Christmas,  it's important to make sure that you are not forgetting your greens. It's ok to try some of the decadent choices, but moderation is key. Most importantly, if you're cooking  - you have the power to make healthier recipes! I personally love hosting. First, because it's a blast...but secondly, because I know the ingredients and feel positive about what I eat.While you're in you are cooking this holiday, think about the nutrient-rich greens that you can add to your meals. The holidays are always fun, but they are even better when you feel great! Don't take for granted the nutrient-rich, vitamin and mineral packed characteristics of greens in our diet, so don't skip them during the holidays. Going back to a few of the classics, let’s highlight the importance of these greens and how you can incorporate them in the kitchen.  SpinachI’m not here to give you the extended version of scientific discoveries behind leafy greens. Rather, let’s just take advice from Popeye! Popeye was not only working on muscle mass, but he used spinach for anti-inflammatory, oxidative stress-related problems, cardiovascular issues, and bone strength, at the same time. What a genius!Be like Popeye:Add 1 cup to your smoothieSalads on salads on saladsCook Spinach with Olive Oil, perfect side with Salmon or Grilled Chicken    CucumbersDid you know that there is ongoing research about anti-cancer benefits in cucumbers? Because cucumbers are derived from the melon family, it’s all fitting for the lovely, Love Your Melon brand! (If you don’t know about them, click here: addition, substances in fresh cucumber extracts help combat free radicals. They’re full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits too. Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and manganese are three types of phytonutrients found within cukes!Cukes in the kitchen:Slice up a cucumber and pair with Hummus.Be fancy: Use a spiralizer (or tool of choice) to make cucumber noodles. By themselves, these are fresh enough! But add a little sweet and sour touch and you’ll feel like you’re out to eat.AvocadoIt’s amazing how green the perfect avocado can be! It’s also amazing the taste it adds to a meal and the consistency of it. (Big fan over here…can you tell?) Avocado is healthy fat! What a strange combination of words, but it’s true! Healthy fat helps to increase absorption of nutrients in other foods paired with it. (ex. sweet potato, leafy greens, carrots) This is why avocados make such a great addition to salads or with Mexican cuisine.Keep Calm and Eat Avocados:Add to saladsSpoon to mouth snackSmoothie ThickenerProtein topper

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