5 Ways To Avoid Workout Excuses

There are tons of reasons people decide to skip exercise, and they all seem terribly critical...."I'm exhausted, I'm tired, I'm too busy. We really need to do the laundry and that car is not going to clean itself." Oddly enough, people who exercise have the same issues and obligations, yet they somehow manage to exercise every day.Having no excuses is harder said than done, especially when getting started. That's why instead of telling you to have a no excuses mentally this year, I've provided you with a few tips you need to STOP doing, in order to help you START doing.1. Stop waiting to feel motivated.Motivation does not just hit you like a train. It is something that is built. After years of exercise, and even making it my profession, it's still normal that I wake up and wish I could roll over and keep sleeping, much less get out of bed for a workout. So, why do I do it? The truth is, I've learned through habit, discipline, and persistence that fitness helps me to feel like my best self. To me, skipping a workout feels worse than getting up and getting moving. Waiting for motivation to workout can be like waiting for the motivation to scrub the toilet.  Do you really want to clean the toilet? No.  It's just something you have to do, but when you do it, you're really glad you did.2. Stop setting unrealistic goals.You can't always predict how much weight you'll lose, even if you're perfect (which you won't be...at least, not all the time).  Start by forgetting about weight loss and instead, set more concrete goals, or numbers you have complete control over. For example, workout at a certain intensity or complete a certain number of workouts each week.  Keep an exercise calendar and check off your workouts, then celebrate your successes.3. Stop waiting for the perfect time.Similar to what I said about cleaning your toilet. There's no perfect time to start. If you're waiting for things to calm down at your house or your job, when does that actually happen? Life is eventful and chaotic. Don't try changing your schedule to fit in a workout. Instead, try fitting a workout into your schedule. Start with those realistic goals and use 10 minutes before you start cooking dinner, walk or bike to the store, or workout while you watch the news. There are ways to make it happen, without changing your schedule.4. Stop sabotaging yourself.You can't simply say "I'll workout if I have time." You've got to sit down with your calendar and go through your week to carve out your exercise time.  Once you do, plan what you'll do during that time. See what time you have and what will be the more beneficial with that amount of time. For example, if you have 30 minutes or less, a HIIT workout might be the most effective workout for you. If you have more time than that, you may want to focus on strength training. In addition, make it easier for yourself! Put your workout bag together the night before, or set your clothes next to your bed. Another thought is to find a gym that is on your way to and from work. You've got to drive right by it...so why not stop in!5. Stop doing it alone.Most of us struggle with exercise and weight loss, so why do we seclude ourselves and struggle alone? It takes a tremendous amount of courage to admit you're struggling. Sharing your weight loss struggle can take a heavy load off your mind. Don't be afraid to ask for help. It's hard enough to lose weight and it gets harder when you have friends or family working against you. It's important to use your tribe to help support you. How can you eat carrot sticks when your roommate just brought home a large pizza?  Talk to your people about how they can help you. Let them in.Also...HELLO! What do you think I am here for! I am 100% accessible. This is why I am launching the fASHionably fit premier edition in two weeks! There will be a support portion of your subscription and you will have access to me. :) Make sure you're on the email list in order to access this offer!

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