Your adventure awaits as fASHionably fit heads back to Ivins, Utah for the second Red Mountain Retreat!

This getaway is so spectacular. It is a place where the only thing you do is take good care of yourself....whatever that means to you.   Want to hike all morning in a beautiful National Park, and sweat it out all afternoon in the unlimited fitness classes? Do it. Want to sleep in, sit by the pool and then get a massage? You could do that too. This fASHionably fit retreat at the Red Mountain Resort & Spa offers you the time and place to rejuvenate. Escape to the mountains and focus on your mind and body through exploration, relaxation, and connecting with nature. This is what you deserve.   All inquiries, please email Ash or Tanya Murphy at and for more information and pricing, click here.

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Ashley Haag

Founder & Fitness Expert

Hi, I’m Ashley! Founder of fASHionablyfit and owner of Ellipse Fitness, a boutique fitness studio in downtown Milwaukee. I have a huge love for health, wellness, and coaching. I say working to change lives is the best part about my job. I recently expanded that love further with the development of fASHionablyfit to continue to share my knowledge, likes, workout regimen, tips and share to others outside of the Milwaukee area.

“They say if you do what you love it's not really work! I consider myself lucky then!” says Ashley. I love helping my clients set goals, see results and more importantly gain confidence, which leads to BIG changes in their health, wellness and overall well-being. It’s all a part of the journey and I want to share my journey with you. Now that journey is being shared through the works of fASHionablyfit where I am reaching more people than ever and incorporating more than just fitness.

I’m a trainer, entrepreneur, certified nutritional coach, fashion lover, shoe-acholic, coffee fanatic, world traveller, wife, mom to two fur babies and a strong confident woman! If you believe in empowering others than our friendship has already begun. Positive people who love to help others are like good carbs, protein and fats. You simply need them in your life for good energy! So grab your cup of coffee or champagne (l love both) and join me here, where I will share my best secrets, my favourite finds, recipes, and so much more.

Let’s be fASHionably fit together.

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